Above All

Above All Gary Ferris Jr.
Above All

About the Book

Gary R Ferris Jr. inspires readers with his poetry collection, Above All. He unravels spiritual emotions that everybody can relate to, including the depth of love, the strength of faith, and the power of prayer.

The poems carry spiritual emotions that everybody can relate to. Readers will find them helpful as they go through dark and trying times in their lives. The collection is a great reminder that even with the deluge of trials and tribulations, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

The poems also highlights how God walks with them. They are not alone in the fight. An inspirational read, Above All will strengthen readers’ faith, evoke their imagination, and awaken their thoughts.

Gary Ferris Jr.

About the Author

Born on November 21, 1965, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Gary R. Ferris Jr. started his career with the marine corps in California. After that, he found his niche in world of cable TV. He discovered his passion for poetry writing in 1990. Many of his works were included in collections such as Touch of Tomorrow, “The Best Poets of 2002,” “Inscriptions of Time,” “The Enchantment of Memory,” and “The Poet’s Eye,” among many others. Publishing almost a dozen books under his name, he continues inspiring readers through his words and poetry.

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I tell them Lord, but they don’t hear.
They don’t care whether You shed a tear.
I show them Lord, but they don’t see.
They don’t know it didn’t come from me.
Maybe it’s me that doesn’t get through.
If that is so, give them someone new.
I know I can’t ever fir the part.
I can’t reach into their heart.

I love the sounds of the country and the music it can bring.
The dogs lying in the sun are lost in the deep.
To watch them in this summer breeze make me want to fall asleep. When I realize how I have been so blessed,
All my troubles become no more than a pest.

After a woman lies in a travailing pain,
Her heart is overwhelmed with joy.
Knowing her struggle has ended,
As she holds her newborn boy.
When a heart is filled with gladness,
It can’t help but begin to sing.
When a long day has finally ended,
Comes hope of what tomorrow will bring.

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